Newest Sun longing to be in championship situation again

By Jerry Brown, Tribune

MORE TO PLAY FOR: Grant Hill, left, and Suns coach Mike D'Antoni wait for a press conference to begin on Wednesday in which they officially announced Hill signed to play for Phoenix.

A Family Affair

By Brad G. Faye,

Oklahoma Kid "OK" With Grant Hill Wearing No. 33

By Brad G. Faye,

While to professional sports organizations it has always been the name on the jersey which matters most, for many professional athletes, the number has at times appeared to be just as important.

Suns Sign Grant Hill



As an unrestricted free agent, Grant Hill had plenty of options. He chose the Phoenix Suns because he wants the same thing they do: an NBA title. A championship trophy has eluded the Suns since their birth in 1968 and Hill during an injury-plagued 13-year career.

Building Business: After rebuilding his NBA career, Grant Hill has taken up real estate and rebuilding communities

Four long years of rehab and surgeries and waiting and worrying were pure agony for Grant Hill. He never knew when—or if—he would return to the basketball court, and if he did, whether he could be effective again. For some players, four years are an entire NBA career; for Hill, it was an interlude. A productive interlude.

OT Talks To...Grant Hill

Time off from the game to recover from four ankle surgeries has given the Orlando Magic star plenty of time to contemplate life after basketball. We get the lowdown on his touring art collection, his latest business ventures, his family and his future plans.

By Stacy H. Small